We’re delighted to have worked with Which? – the Consumer’s Association – to help them produce their new feature on staying safe at home with assistive technology.

Which? approached T-Cubed due to our expertise in the field of telecare and digital health and our experience of reviewing Assisted Living Technology products for the Telecare EPG.

We were subsequently commissioned by them to identify a wide representative sample of the types of products that were available in the digital care market to help keep people safe and independent in their own home or when out and about. We also provided our expert opinion on the products as members of their product review panel.

The feature provides a broad overview of the kinds of products available to help people face a number of situations and issues including dementia, cold callers, falls, becoming lost and other aspects of safety in the home. An extensive range of products was considered including a GPS location tracker, a low temperature alarm, a stove cooking safety alarm, an activity monitoring system and a cold caller blocking device.

You need to be a member of Which? to access the full report, but you can read an overview here.

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