29th October 2020

iCUHTec Product Showcase Webinars are an opportunity for companies to showcase new and innovative products to service commissioners and frontline practitioners.

This page hosts, on behalf of iCUHTec, the presentations from the first Product Showcase Webinar held on 29th October 2020.

Care Messenger

Presentation by Paul Slaughter, CEO of Care Messenger.

Care Messenger is a UK company that has partnered with global electronics giant LG to create a unique application that allows text, image, and video messages to be sent from a smart phone (or the Care Messenger web portal) direct to a TV.

It overlays messages onto the live content so that it can’t be missed or it can show an alert bubble to signal a message in waiting. Responses can be made simply using the TV remote. TV based video chat/conferencing is also being made available on the same system, whilst the system allows easy integration with other technologies, such as video door-bells.

It has many applications in social care whether for providing reminders for appointments or medication needs, or for providing assistance at the touch of a button. Innovative solutions are possible for relieving isolation and loneliness, supporting people with a learning disability, for overcoming short term memory problems, and for other groups of people who may lack the confidence to use a computer or a touch-screen device.

The system includes a large flat-screen TV, web-cam, and installation, and can be provided with a broadband contract if necessary.


Presentation by Dr. Afroditi Konidari, Co-Founder of Tendertec.

Tendertec is an award winning AI startup opening the door to personalised, preventative and cost-effective care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tendertec is developing technology enabling care organisations to manage the impact of COVID-19 on the people they support, their workforce and the quality of the care they provide.

Their first commercial product, CareBox, is a safety and remote monitoring platform designed to act as an assistant to caregivers. Carebox enables care providers to deliver person-centred care and safeguard vulnerable people and frontline workers in health and social care.


Presentation by Roger Rowett from Here2There.

Here2there.me is a person centred planning and outcomes recording app aimed at organisations who provide targeted support to individuals.

Everything is carried out online with a mentor and the process starts with a strength-based assessment, followed by agreeing a set of goals and a circle of support. Individuals then use a smartphone (or any internet connected device) to record stories of achievement thorough words and pictures on a timeline, very like social media. The circle of support provides encouragement via their own app in real time, this allows different services to work in a joined-up way.

Finally, reviews are carried out at agreed intervals and progress is measured on a numerical scale against each goal. Most importantly, evidence of achievement is supported by the stories on the individual’s timeline.