3rd December 2020

iCUHTec Product Showcase Webinars are an opportunity for companies to showcase new and innovative products to service commissioners and frontline practitioners.

This page hosts, on behalf of iCUHTec, the presentations from the second Product Showcase Webinar held on 3rd December 2020.


Presentation by Darren O’Higgins, Everon.

Everon introduced one of the first GPS watches into the UK market over 10 years ago, and has subsequently deployed their technologies in advanced location and alarm monitoring systems for nursing homes.

They have developed a digital hub that can be used as a platform for an extended range of monitoring applications that are suitable for many settings including Sheltered and Extracare schemes.

Push to Talk

Presentation by Jen Fenner, Managing Director of Defproc Engineering.

DefProcEngineering specialises in early stage product development and prototyping and has been active in support of Technologies for Good.

In this presentation, Jen describes their innovative Push to Talk solution that enables telephone-based friendship networks that aim to overcome loneliness and social isolation.

RGS Care

Presentation by Dan Stepney from RGS Care.

RGS Care has developed a non-intrusive remote monitoring solution. It uses 11 environmental sensors to help carers analyse and understand the health, wellbeing and behaviour of their residents. It enables carers to make evidenced-based interventions specific to each individual in their care, and monitor the success of any interventions made.

Data sharing allows closer collaboration with health professionals and family members, whilst daily reports save carers time and alerts allow them to react at speed if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

The RGS Care team works closely alongside carers and organisations to drive maximum value from data collected, delivering person centered care across independent living, domestic care and local authority settings.