28th January 2021

iCUHTec Product Showcase Webinars are an opportunity for companies to showcase new and innovative products to service commissioners and frontline practitioners.

This page hosts, on behalf of iCUHTec, the presentations from the third Product Showcase Webinar held on 28th January 2021.


Presentation by William Britton, Founder and Chief Executive, AutonoMe.

Autonome combines educational technology with one to one support to improve outcomes for vulnerable people in Social Care settings. It currently supports over 300 vulnerable service users across over 10 Local Authorities to support vulnerable people in their home.

They recently partnered with NHS Digital and the Local Government Association to further extend their support platform into the workplace and are working closely with a number of Education providers to support vulnerable children and young people in Education and along the transition pathway.

AutonoMe works collaboratively with Social Care providers pulling together detailed data on independent living skills to ensure service users are getting the right support at the right time and celebrate progress towards independence.

gds digital

Presentation by Jon Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer, gds digital.

gds digital delivers secure cloud solutions, including a health and social care platform for better assisted independent living. Our services include secure connectivity, tablet devices with simple user interfaces and full Mobile Device Managmenent (MDM) controls; and a wide range of approved, standard apps enabling service-users to be fully supported by care and health professionals.

We have a secure messaging app for communities of interest, allowing information and engagement from approved organisations, members and friends and family. In addition, we have care home solutions for connectivity and devices; and remote monitoring services where health video consultations and vital sign and environmental readings are key to the wellbeing of individuals in their own homes.

These digital capabilities help transform the way public services can be delivered to citizens and patients as they engage and interact with local authorities, care, health and housing organisations.


Presentation by Bryn Morgan, UK Sales Manager, Abilia UK.

Abilia UK is a Swedish owned business but with a presence in the UK for nearly 50 years providing innovations to support people to live independently. The new solutions brought to the UK which have been widely used across Scandinavia for 20 years are to support people and their loved ones who have a Cognitive impairment whether they be adults, children or families as a whole, to increase their independence, improve self-worth, make their contribution to society at home, in education or at work.

Our solutions, both low-tech or digital, present time as a quantity enabling a user to understand better how long is left to complete a task or activity. Our digital solutions are easy to use and simple to set up and allow for a person to be supported remotely by a carer or family member of someone with either some of the following conditions; Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dementia, ADHD, ADD, Stroke Brain Acquired Injury, Mental Health.