The Telecare Equipment Prescription Guide (Telecare EPG) is an online knowledge-based resource tool for telecare professionals.

It provides access to independent and impartial expert-validated prescriptive guidance for telecare and related technologies and much, much more:

  • Product directory of hundreds of products directly relevant to telecare services
  • Product assessment guidance
  • Product selection indicators and contra-indicators
  • Product guidance tutorials
  • Product group test reports

The Telecare EPG has been developed over a number of years and draws on T-Cubed’s background of developing market-leading telecare technologies and on feedback from delivering telecare support, advice and training to telecare service providers and commissioners across the UK.

Guidance is also derived from feedback from the subscriber base and from members of the Advanced Telecare User Group of the Centre for Usable Home Technology (CUHTEC).

It is being used by over 1,500 telecare practitioners across the UK to help them select the most effective products to support the independence of their service users.

  • "The Telecare EPG is the most amazing resource which in the ideal world everyone should have access to.  It’s uniqueness and comprehensiveness make it unparalleled."

    Dr Natasha Campling Research Fellow in Health Engineering, Anglia Ruskin University
  • "In my role as Telecare Champion, the Telecare EPG has enabled me to quickly and easily research and identify the most appropriate equipment to support informal carers in their caring role.  The results have been quoted as providing peace of mind to the carers and additional independence to the person they are caring for."

    Lynn Waters Carers Support Worker - Equipment for Independence, Carers Support West Sussex
  • "The Telecare EPG gives prescribers the tools and knowledge to take advantage of new developments that will support the ambitions of local authorities in the North East to keep people safe and well in the community."

    Neil Revely Executive Director of Health, Housing & Adult Services for Sunderland City Council
  • "We have already seen the benefits for staff of being able to use the Telecare EPG to find the most appropriate telecare solutions for meeting the needs of service users with complex needs."

    Trevor Drage Telehealthcare Service Manager at BT Cornwall
  • "The Telecare EPG is a great resource, we definitely want to re-subscribe."

    Dave Miles Assistive Technology Manager, Nottingham City Council

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